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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Race Preview: RockstAR Adventure Race

Race website

Adventure Race - mostly adventure from the sound of it.

Marked mountain bike course, then run/canoe through woods and water to as many checkpoints as possible before 4 hours is up.  8 hours for the brave!

This race is put on by the same folks who run Storm the Trent. We had a great time, it was well run, so why not try another one?

I've heard rumours of having to dive to the bottom of lakes, paddle inner tubes... and other nonsense.  OK calling it nonsense is a little strong - I'm sure it's "fun" but I like racing more than fooling around!  Hopefully that goofy stuff doesn't take up too much of the 4 hours and the rest will be more of an endurance and orienteering test.

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