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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Training Video Review: Sufferfest Angels

Spoiler Alert: I love all the Sufferfest videos.  And this one is one of my favourites.

If you didn't hate Contador before this video, you will definitely hate him after.

There's a warm-up around a velodrome, followed by "over/unders" - 10 minutes alternating between just over and just under tempo effort.  But that's really all just a warm-up for the climbing.

Three climbs.  8 minutes each.  All challenging.

By the last one, your legs are screaming as what was the top effort of the first climb is maintained for almost the full 8 minutes of the last one... punctuated by that SOB Contador attacking at every turn.

The music, as usual, is right on point... yeah, some of it is a bit lame/cheesy, but nothing as bad as the "other" videos (spiner-something) and their shitty elevator music.  Just a great video that makes an hour fly by - other than when time stands completely still as you suffer.

5 stars out of 5!  Or, to put it in terms a Sufferlandian would understand, 10.0.

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