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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indoor Trainer & Humidity

I recently read this article from Bicycling Magazine about keeping cool while on the indoor trainer.

It's worth a read, but long story short: keep cool or your workout will suffer (even if it feels like you're kicking ass and taking names).

I have a small gym in my basement, use two fans, and keep the barn-door style door wide open.  Should be good, right?

Not so much.  Before and after... 20C to 22C... 21% to 44% relative humidity.

In 1 hour the temperature went up 2 degrees and relative humidity more than doubled from 21% to 44%!  The smiley face is about comfort sitting around, not hammering it on the bike... so this means it got increasingly harder to shed the heat.

Not sure what I can do to fix?

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Double Bellybuster said...

You can buy a dehumidifier. $39 and can also help dry hanging laundry or dry out a flooded basement