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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Rest of 2014...

It feels early to wrap up 2014, but since Ironman I have been battling some knee trouble, so well off my peak.

Two events left most likely.

Great Muskoka Paddling Experience!
The Great Muskoka Paddling Experience - we did this race last year, it was great (albeit humbling!).  This year we at least have the carbon paddles, that should help... but I expect we'll still be battling to not be last rather than anything more exciting than that.  We're still pretty new to paddling, but getting there.

The Harwood Singletrack Challenge - in previous years, this race was 50km of singletrack mountain biking.  It still is... but they took out the "relay" option, so instead of sharing the load (swapping every 10km or so) the only option is to do the whole thing.

This isn't a huge big deal, last year I did 110km at the 8 hour when I did it solo, but this year I'm feeling a bit lazier.  Guess I'll have to get out and "train" more.  Probably a good thing?


I had some knee trouble which has finally relented, but it's set me back and a bit too late in the season to try to come back from it.  I'll keep running in training just to keep a base for next season, but not going to push it with any races.

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