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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fake Bike Trip Report #14 - Saskatchewan!

Maidstone, Saskatchewan.

They appear to have literally made a stone.  In Maidstone.  Wild.

I am now 3056km into my fake bike trip from Whitby to Edmonton (and beyond!), which puts me just 313km from my original goal.

Last few weeks have been pretty good.  188km, 193km, and this week 275km!  My legs seem to be taking the mileage very well, I did a 130km ride today the fastest I've ever done anything over 30km without a draft.

As a bonus, my weight has been dropping (finally!)... so the hills are a bit easier.

No post about Saskatchewan would be complete without Pil.  If you like really awful beer, this Pil's for you!

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