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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Buying a bike for a Tween

My daugher is growing up (*sniff*) and needed a new bike.

She's tough to buy for - 11 years old, 4 foot 10 inches, she's as small as the smallest adult women, but just.  I didn't want to get another 24-inch bike that she'd outgrow, so set out thinking about a 26'er.

I introduced her to the trails last year and she loved it... so I needed something that could go off-road.  Also her last bike was a pretty sweet Gary Fisher, I set the bar a bit too high!

Instead I ended up with the XS sized Giant Rove:

It's a hybrid, but leans heavily toward the mountain bike end.  It can definitely do trail duty, as long it's not too knarly/sandy.  Tires are 700s (29'ers) and a bit narrow - I can always throw something grippier on there if she ends up getting into that (plenty of clearance).

Pretty good value at $399 (bike show price).  I also looked at a boys 26'er for her, but it wasn't to her taste, so... here we are!

To the trails!

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