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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paddling the Rouge

We kind of did this by accident, as the north winds let us get out on Lake Ontario and make our way further west than planned!

The bottom line with the Rouge - it's a nice little add-on if you happen to be on Lake Ontario anyway, but otherwise it's not navigable far enough to make it worth it's own trip.

Up to the 401, it's actually very wide and deep, not obstacles.  But as you approach the 401 that depth just vanishes and it's pretty useless.

There were a few little interesting things, like a spot where it looks like an old home had burnt down (or been torn down?) but the original chimney remained as a BBQ pit type thing.  People had paddled up and were cooking something there.

As for Lake Ontario itself - it's hit and miss!  Today the wind was from the north, so the lake was pretty good along the shore.  We got out a bit too far on the way back (you can see it on the map) and it got dicey in a hurry... it's an unpredictable beast.

Somewhat surprisingly, Frenchman's Bay was the toughest water of the day!  Wind was strong and from the NorthWest, so it really whipped up some waves in there.  Especially true in the channel between Frenchman's and the lake.

Next week: Canoe the Nonquon!  First ever canoe race, should be... something.

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