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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lance - the Final Chapter?

I came to terms with the fact Lance doped a long time ago.  I thought the writing was on the wall back in 2010, and again earlier this year... but the die-hards died hard!

This time, I don't think anyone can doubt it.

USADA has put together a comprehensive case in their "Reasoned Decision".  All of the evidence is great, but the words of the cyclists who were there are the most striking.  If you have any doubt left, flip to the section "Appendicies and Supporting Materials" and read those Affidavids. 

Guys like George Hincape and Michael Barry are not people who were ever caught.  They passed their tests, just like Lance. They have absolutely no reason to come forward - except that the writing was on the wall.

They are part of the solution, and along with the biological passports I think there is reason to believe cycling is getting clean.  Not 100%, but in the right direction.

As for Lance - it really should be over.  He should come clean (so to speak) and do what he can for the sport. 

Sadly, I can't see that happening.

Even without Lance, cycling can move forward.  Hopefully the likes of Bruyneel are swept away and a new era can be ushered in.


Fat2FitGuy said...

I read your first post a year or 2 back when you said Lance must be doping, I figured you just did'nt like the guy and hoped you were wrong, so hats off to you, you had it right. It still sucks big time, I really admired the guy, and he made cycling fun, and now all of this. I enjoy your blog! So please blog more! Cheers

Jon P said...

I actually did like the guy! Quite a lot, I was a big fan and he really was the guy who got me into watching pro cycling. Those were amazing years to watch, pretty disappointing to find out what was really going on.

David said...

I've always defended Lance, but after reading the 202 page report I can't do it anymore. It's one thing to cheat (which everyone did), but to force teammates to cheat and threaten to kick them off the team if they didn't... wow. Just wow.

Bubbles said...
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