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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Got Hit By a Car

Readers of this blog will remember that I was hit by a truck a few years ago.  That was on my bike, and it was no joke - landed me in an ambulance, thankfully without any broken bones (but a mild concussion).

Today it was a car's turn, and on my feet instead of my bike.

4-way stop.  I was running on the sidewalk, paused as I approached.  He stopped, I started going in the crosswalk in front of his car and inexplicably he started going again!  Luckily he hit the brakes just as he hit me, so I fell hands-first onto the hood but didn't take a directly hit to my legs (at least not hard enough to leave a mark).

Younger guy, I ripped a strip out of him then went on my way.  Got his plate, reported it, so life goes on.

Be careful out there!

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Double Bellybuster said...

Glad you ripped a strip off him! and glad you are OK Jon.

I see you have running events planned Nov & Feb. Since you'll be in fine shape, please feel free welcome to join me in running sub-2:25 at Around the Bay and sub-3:30 at the Toronto Marathon.