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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Race Preview: Paris to Ancaster 2012

Spring is here!!!

Oh sure, it's been +25C already (once), but spring doesn't officially start until Paris to Ancaster is done and dusted.

What is P2A?  It's an off-road and on-road mixed up crazy race.  There's asphalt roads, gravel, singletrack, and crazy mud - all in one 60km race.  I love it!

This will be my 7th in a row - and so far, no two have been the same.  One year I got a sunburn, it was about 20C.  Last year it snowed!  There have been dry years, but then last year was the nastiest muddiest slog it's ever been.  A few years ago we had a brutal headwind the entire race... you just never quite know what it will throw at you.

My Readiness

As those who follow this blog (why???) will already know, I was injured for much of the off-season and only got back to running/biking around a month ago... so my base isn't what it should be.  Worse, I spent the last week back home with family, eating lots and not exercising much at all (no biking for over a week!).  So I'm about as unprepared as I've ever been (other than maybe year 1).

The good news: it's supposed to rain Saturday, race is on Sunday, so should be muddy.  For some reason that makes me feel better.  Maybe I'm just hoping those that don't know what they're in for will be a little extra screwed and I can do OK!

The bad news: I've cramped up on the final climb at this race almost every year to some degree.  Last year it wasn't too bad, I was able to spin through it and get up that final climb somehow.  This year I'm probably going to be cooked... but whatever, I'll give 'er and see how it goes!

The other good news:  IT'S PARIS TO FREAKIN' ANCASTER!  I don't care how miserable it makes me, I looooove it.

See you there!?

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