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Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting it Back

I had a slow start this year, probably my slowest start in about 5 years.  Most of that was with the late start following an injury at NYC marathon, followed closely by a trip back home. 

Not to mention the extra 10+ pounds I'm carrying around over last year!  Ouch.

Biggest lesson I have learned previously: don't do too much too soon when coming back.  I'm healthy and feeling good, so the temptation is to kill every ride and run, hammer out some big miles.  The increases have to be gradual or I'll end up injured again.

My approach: log lots of miles on the bike, do run training that counts.  Start adding hills/tempos on the runs, but keep my overall mileage conservative, making up the endurance on the bike.  I've had luck with bike readiness carrying over to the running endurance over shorter distances (1/2 marathon and less) and it tends to be less injury-inducing.

Ready for June!

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