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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Race Report: EpiPen Take Action Event (Whitby 5k)

Did this one mostly for fun...

Garmin data

Local charity race, no timing this year (not even a clock!) - wasn't expecting that, last year they had chip timing!  Much smaller deal, probably because they didn't use Running Room for registration (and the bad forecast for rain, which never really materialized).

The 5k and 10k started together, so at the start it was tough to know who I was even racing.  Two women took off in front of me, and after about 500m I looked behind me... nobody for a long way back!  Not often you clinch a spot on the podium by the first corner.

I was trying to keep around a 4:00/km pace for the whole race, but with the hills it was a bit challenging.  I was a bit quicker in the first kilometer (3:55/km), then slower in the 2nd... by the half I was really close, 4:01/km average.

Shortly after the halfway point I managed to get in front of one of the women, and caught up to the other... but I just couldn't close the gap.  I was about 15 feet behind her for most of the way back, but at the finish she left me in the dust with her finishing kick!

I crossed the line 2nd, which was pretty cool!  Small race, but hey, I'll take it. :)

My time was 20:12 (4:02/km) - a personal best, but still shy of that elusive sub-20... and I gave it everything I had trying to win this thing too!!!  I figure if I can do 20:12 on a pretty hilly course, I think a 19:59 is there on a flat one.  My GPS shows me at 20:02 at the 5.00km mark... so... close...!

After about a 10 minute break after finishing, I decided to do a 5k cool-down on the same course.  I finished 2nd in the 10km too (they did the course twice too)... not that it counted, but c'mon, that's funny. :)  There were no more than 10 people doing the 10k.

All in all a pretty decent day!

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