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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Race Preview: EpiPen Take Action Event (Whitby 5k)

I'm doing the Whitby 1/2 marathon next weekend, so figured I'd do something fast and intense this weekend - why not a 5k race?

The EpiPen Take Action Event is a 5k/10k in Whitby, in support of the Asthma/Allergies folks. 

The course is a bit hilly...
... and a lot curvy
... and the wind by the lake can be strong
... and the forecast is for rain!

But hey, I always love a bit of a challenge, and it's local so not a big time investment. 

This is probably not the race for me to get that sub-20 (my ultimate 5k goal for 2011) but my plan is to go like stink until it hurts to go any stinkier!  No real goal other than to have fun and go hard, and get beat by as few people as possible.

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