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Saturday, March 12, 2011

BMI Calculator

BMI is used to determine whether someone is in the right weight range for their height.

Everyone's body composition is different, but it's going to be in the ballpark. And no, your bones aren't that much denser than everyone else's!

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Pre-calc 11 said...

I don't think the script is working for imperial measures.

I've never been a big fan of BMI. For someone my height (186.7 cm) the range of 'normal' weights is fine at the upper end, but the lower end (BMI=18.5) corresponds to 64.5 kg. If I weighed 64.5 kg I'd look like some sort of stick figure.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brian. I am in decent shape and the BMI says I am over weight. I am 6' 6" tall (2 metres) and I'd have to drop down to 216 to get to the very top of "Normal".
I played around with the BMI inputs to see what the bottom target is, for a healthy 6'6" man. It says I should weigh 160 pounds (72KG). That is insane. Not only would I look like a freak, but I'd "bonk" before the starting line is out of sight. (I just completed the 2012 P2A as well. Congrats to you!)

Jon P said...

It doesn't say you "should" weigh 160lbs - only that if you did, it would still be in the Normal range (barely though).

I'm 6' tall and dropped down to the high 160's, before I did it I had the same impression (I would be a stick figure) but the reality was that I still had some pudge left to lose. It was the healthiest I've ever felt.