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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Race Preview: Durham Cyclo-Cross Classic

What is it?

A Cyclocross Race at Heber Downs Conservation Area in Whitby, Ontario.

This is very close to my house, so I took a spin over there yesterday. As luck would have it, the race organizer was there too, and he directed me to where the course was and what markings to look for! I did a few laps to get a feel for things.

The course starts in a parking lot, then immediately hits a hill that can better be described as a 10 foot wall... dismount for me! Then we go across a grassy area, a bridge, and immediately up a very steep hill. Several laps of that hill are going to make the quads burn, it's a tough one.

At the top of the hill there is an old campground road, which takes us over to a wood chipped trail for a bit. Then it's a steep and sandy descent, with a bunch of hairpin turns and trees... it took me 3 laps just to get comfortable enough to do it without unclipping in terror.

Next comes another grass section, which you leave briefly for a rocky creek bed, only to resurface at the parking lot where it all began.

Very cool course, a lot of varied terrain and challenges, I can't wait!

There are also supposed to be some obstacles on course, not sure where they will be placed.

My Goal

I've only owned my Cyclocross bike for a few weeks, and this was my 3rd ride on it... so my goals are very conservative:
  1. Not crash
  2. Not cause other people to crash
  3. Get cyclocross race experience
I've done a fair bit of off-road riding on my hybrid, and raced Paris to Ancaster 5 years in a row now... but being on the cross bike is a much different feel. I just don't have the confidence yet to really throw the bike around, so I won't be fast. Just out for fun and experience!

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