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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mountain Biking - Joy... and Pain

Too much pain.

A buddy and I went out yesterday, it was an awesome day for it - a bit cool, getting into autumn, some of the trees starting to turn their colours.

Crash #1 came early on - I was trying to get my MTB feel back and somehow I managed to hit my headset (the part that holds the handlebars in the middle) with my groin. Ouch. I just slipped forward off my seat and whack... that stunned me for a bit, but no long-term damage.

This was followed by two hours of adventure, lots of single-track, found new trails we hadn't been on (which, given the number of hours we've spent at Durham Forest is pretty amazing!). Really beautiful and fun.

After 2 hours of riding we were ready to call it quits. On the way back to the parking lot, there is a quick little single track you can take... so of course I call out that we should take it.

And that brought on Crash #2... maybe two minutes away from the car!

I was going along pretty well, and suddenly I was flying over my handlebars and smack into the ground. Ouch!!! My chest and back immediately hurt, I was a bit winded, so just laid there for a little and took some deep breaths. When I finally got myself back up, I looked at what I'd hit - it was a big stump, about 6" high, that had been hiding behind some foliage. I didn't see it at all, didn't react to it, didn't brake, just smoked it. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, there was a safe line around the stump I could have taken... not quite sure. I just know it HURT.

So here I sit, the next morning, with some bruised ribs and soreness. I'm too old for bike wipe-outs!

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