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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ride Preview: Ride 4 United Way Century Ride (+40k!)

The Ride

Ride 4 United Way - a 160km organized ride, touring mostly through rural areas of Durham Region.

I have not done this event before, but it looks like a typical supported century ride. Unique features include a hill climbing challenge (chip timed, 12% grade, whoooah nelly!).

I see your 160km and raise you 40km!

I have done 160km before a few times, twice in organized century rides and twice on my own while training for Ironman. I also did 180km as part of Ironman, with two mountain climbs en route... so as a friend of mine correctly pointed out, the next logical distance is 200km!

I plan to ride a 35km route from my house to the start, register, then do an additional 5km before the official start. That will give me 200km for the day and a new personal longest ride distance (with the help of some serious drafting, I hope!)

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