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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Race Report: Bill Harper 5k

The good news : I came in sub-20:00... 19:48.

The bad news is the course was 250m short! I confirmed this on 3 GPS devices, and I knew all race my pace wasn't good enough for a real sub-20. So I can't count this one... would have likely been around 20:40-ish with the extra 250m.

I had a great time, though, a bunch of my friends were there including two doing their first-ever races. All met or beat their goals, lunch and a T-shirt were included, lots of prizes, all for $10! Best deal in town.

Conditions weren't great, the rain mostly stayed away during the race but the air was thick with humidity.

My splits:
4:25 (ouch)
3:02 (not a full km - pace was 4:17/km)

I would have been better pacing to a 4:10-4:15/km at the start and hopefully speeding up, but that would mean conceding that I couldn't run sub-20. Someday I'll get it!

My experiment with Tylenol was a bust, I felt just as much pain as the last 5k and my pacing was almost identical. Fail.

Unfortunately this is the last year for this race, they are retiring it. Kudos to the organizers, it's been fantastic for years and I've appreciated all their hard work to pull off such a nice race.

Next up: Century Ride! Ride 4 United Way, 160km.


Louis Lim said...

Great job!! Why does it always seem the races that give you value for your money choose or get discontinued?

Jon P said...

Agreed, it's sad. I heard that the new 5k in Yorkville had a very hard time getting approval to close streets, they basically had to let the city dictate the route, time, everything to get it. I don't think we'll see many new road races, and they'll mostly be by the large organizations that charge mondo $$$. Stinks.

Boris T said...

Bummer that it's getting canned. I am bummed I didn't make it out.