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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Preview: Honda Indy Run, Walk, Wheel'athon (5k run)

The Race

Running on the Toronto Honda Indy race track??? Now that is cool! The only thing cooler would be doing it in a race car.

Race Web Site

5K for $25? That's cool too!

My Goal

This is a bit of a dry run for me for the Bill Harper 5k which I'll be doing in late August.

My previous 5k best is 22:26 on a similarly flat course, but that was two years ago (and 20 pounds ago) so I think I have quite a bit more in me. I have not been doing much speed work, though, so I have to temper my optimism a bit!

I did a 10k run and run two of the kilometers at around 4:00/km pace to remember what it feels like. It feels awful. I hate 5k races!!!

I am not sure how close to 20:00 I can get, but I think I can get pretty close... I would be disappointed with anything over 22:00. I really believe I can break 21:00, but we will have to see how it shakes out... doing a couple of kilometers at that pace is one thing, stringing 5 together is quite another!

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