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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Trail Pythons - Moraine for Life Adventure Relay

A couple of friends of mine and I have forged together our team "The Trail Pythons" for the Moraine For Life Adventure Relay!

This is a 14-stage relay race covering 160km of the Oak Ridges Moraine, a protected environmentally sensitive area north of Toronto. It involves canoeing, biking and running across 160km of Moraine trails and connecting roads. The race raises money for the Oak Ridges Trail Association, to help them establish and maintain the awesome trail system.

A team can have up to 15 people (two people are needed for the first stage in the canoe). We have fewer, with some of us taking on several stages.

While we have enough to compete, we still could use a few people to pick up a stage. If you canoe, bike or run and are interested, please let me know!
  • We have both experienced athletes and beginners doing their first race, all are welcome
  • Looking for anyone willing to canoe, bike or run a stage (or two!). Space is limited, but we should be able to find room for a few more people
  • $35/stage - what a bargain! Fully supported
  • Reply to this post with a comment if interested
Information about the race can be found on their web site.



Boris T said...

I'd be interested. June 19-20th correct?

What stages are left open that need participants?

I am willing to try anything, but I do not have a mountain bike for off road and my canueing skills are not very good, but I can give em a go.

Jon P said...

Hey Boris! That's great, it's June 19th.

Everyone we get seems to be a runner, there are 7 stages and we have 7 runners! I am collecting registration fees early next week, so I'll know for sure if all 7 come through or not and can let you know. Otherwise, there's a canoe stage and a couple of bike stages also available still.

Can you send me your email address... we can coordinate further.