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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Triathlon Pace Calculator

A great calculator for calculating race pace:

I know it's awesome because I wrote it! :) Enjoy.

Any feedback is welcome, or let me know if there are any other calculators you might want to see.

Features I'm still planning to implement:
  • Imperial units (currently only supports metric)
  • Pace band generation based on the paces chosen (for run/bike)


Boris T said...

Looks good Jono, how about an option of a min/km on the bike as well?

E said...

Very cool. I like it a lot.. it fixed my math and made me faster :-)

Shazam said...

Very Cool -based on your calculator and what I realistically believe I can do the whisper time is more than possible!

Jordan said...

the run numbers for the marathon get wonky when you go above 7:55/km.

Jon P said...

Thanks Jordan, I've fixed it:

Jordan said...

Thank you! The calculator gives me about 13:45! which would be a dream. I'm thinking I'll hit 15 hours but a girl can dream about what your calculator gives me! :) :) Good luck to you too! It's gonna be fun!