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Thursday, May 29, 2008

X-Weighted - the summary

My buddy did great! Dropped 51 pounds in 6 months. Much of this was through sweat, although obviously his diet changed 180 degrees.

Seeing someone's life on Reality TV was interesting in itself... it was Chris, but it wasn't. He's usually so easy going, laughing, etc., but he came off as far more serious. And he wasn't anywhere near the train-wreck they portrayed him as at the start! I suppose they want to show a progression in more than just weight so they play up the contrast, but it was overly harsh. But hey, they couldn't have shown it if he hadn't said it!

I had a very brief cameo in a restaurant near the start... made a comment about everything being deep fried and you can hear me giggle. I'm told that's my trademark giggle... thanks mom. :)

Congrats again Chris, I'm impressed! I'll be even more impressed when you drop me on your new Cervelo. :)

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