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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ride for Heart - Toronto

The Ride for Heart is a ride in Toronto for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

There are 3 distances - 25K/50K/75K.

I've done this ride for most of the 10 years I've lived in Toronto. I started with the 50K, and more recently have been doing the 75K.

Date: June 1, 2008

What makes this ride cool?
  • 15,000 riders!!!
  • Riding on The Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway... 6-lane highways through the core of the city, winding through ravines and right through downtown Toronto... all closed to traffic during the ride.
  • Raising money for a good cause
This year, I'll be doing the 50K with my oldest daughter. We have a trail-behind bike, so she'll be helping pedal... hopefully a LOT of help! :) Between her and the bike, it adds about 60 -80 pounds, so will make it a bit more of a challenge!


answerphoned1,d6 said...

How long will it take to bike 50K?

Just wondering if you have a DVD player installed in your bike for the inevitable "are we there yet?" :)

Jon P said...

LOL! :)

Well 50K on my own on my road bike would probably be just over 1:30.

But with the trail-behind bike and the hybrid, I'm thinking over 2:00... and we'll have to take breaks. And by the end I'll probably be pulling dead weight. :)