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Monday, April 7, 2008

Back on the Bike


Hit the bike for the first ride of the season on Sunday. It was awesome!

My buddy and I do this ride a lot in a typical season. It starts on flat asphalt, then turns to gravel, and a big climb on gravel roads to the half-way point. It's a little more than 400 feet, vertically speaking. Put another way - we end up at the top of a ski hill! It's a great hill and burn, and being on loose gravel makes it that much more challenging.

I had a bit of lactic acid build-up by the end of the 2-hour ride, muscles were burning and wanted to cramp up. Hope to get out a few more times at least before Paris to Ancaster! Only a couple weeks away!


I'm back in the triathlon swimming lessons, and feeling a lot better about it. Lots of progress since I started... just need to find a pace and breathing pattern that lets me swim longer distances without stopping.


I'm sidelined with by ITBS. Stretching, icing, etc... and will probably end up with orthodics to correct some pronation issues. I really hope to get back to this soon, but patience is the key.


There is a great show called "The Human Body: Pushing the Limits" on Discovery Channel. They use 3D animation to show the human body with the skin removed while performing tasks, both athletic and not. It's fascinating! Highly recommend it, especially the one on "Strength".

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