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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Weight Loss at 4 Months

Stoopid Christmas.

... so basically I'm where I was early December.

Pre-Christmas office parties and get togethers, followed by Christmas week and change of being way off plan.

Didn't do much fasting, and certainly wan't low carb.

Back at it post-Christmas.  Tried to do it abruptly but that failed.  Now back to the gradual process that was working.

Intermittent Fasting

16-24h fasts daily.  Fit around life events.

Low Carb

I was trying very low carb with a goal of ketosis - but this wasn't working well for me.

Instead I'm doing very low processed carbs.  It's been better for my overall energy levels, my mental health, and it's made my runs/bikes more effective.

I have to write a blog post about this wonderful study that I found.  Long story short, though - for endurance activity, you need carbs to do higher intensity workouts... and there's good reason to do some fasted workouts as well.

Low Alcohol

After the holidays I had to re-re-adjust my alcohol intake back to guideline levels.  This hasn't been tough, just stopped buying the IPAs I've grown to love, as they have higher alcohol levels... back to 4-5% beer.  I don't feel compelled to drink any more 4-5% beer than I do 6-8% beer!

There are a lot of good Session Ales, some of them pretty hoppy and flavourful, and mostly around 4-5%.


I mention exercise last as it feels like it has the least impact on weight.


I've managed to start pushing some pace, though.  I'm still heavy (204lbs-ish) so I'm not lightning fast, but building the speed at this weight should pay dividends once I manage to drop it!


... just running, biking, doing the odd row / core workout... eating right... losing weight

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