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Monday, January 26, 2015

What "The Flu" Taught Me

I recently had a nasty bout of the flu.  Not the 24-hour-stomach-flu but real Influenza.

It floored me.  No energy whatsoever for a week, and pretty limited the week after that. 

What did I learn?
  • Despite 3 weeks between rides, after a couple of trainer sessions I rebounded to where I had been pre-flu!  This was surprising and a relief.  You kind of feel like your body is decimated, but in reality all that work from years past doesn't just vanish in a few weeks.
  • It is possible to gain weight while sick with the flu.  I have proved it.  Mostly I was overcompensating for that sense of fatigue by eating, which didn't actually help my energy levels and resulted in me adding another few pounds to my already inflated waistline. 
  • Running while overweight still sucks - I feel sluggish and gross
Fortunately I've managed to drop a few pounds in the week since with my Intermittent Fasting / Calorie Reduction plan, so I expect to be back in fighting shape very soon!

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