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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beyond Ironman... What Next!?

2014 isn't dead yet!  Still a lot of cycling and running to be done, not to mention paddling.

A few things I'm considering, I'll whittle this down to just a few events.
  • September 6 - 5 Peaks Kortright (10-14km trail race) - knee too injured
  • September 20 - Logs Rocks and Steel (Adventure Race) - registered!
  • September 20 - Oshawa 5k Runway - don't have the speed to do this justice, off the list
  • September 20 - 5 Peaks Hardwood Hills (10-14km trail race) - registered for Logs/Rocks/Steel same day...
  • September 27 - Fall Epic 8 Hour (MTB)
    • I did this solo last year and it was indeed EPIC!  Over the 8 hours (!) I managed 110km of mountain biking, which is just stupid and crazy.  If I go back it will be in a team to lighten the load a bit, 2 riders would probably be ideal.
  • September 27 - Chase the Coyote - Trail Race!
  • September 28 - Ajax 1/2 Marathon
    • Did this one back in 2011, didn't go very well.  This race is far from my favourite, as the course is not very kind - quite hilly.  It's close to home, though, so if I don't do the mountain bike thing it's an option.  Update: running not back yet and won't be in time to do this justice - off the list!
  • October 11 - Great Muskoka Paddling Experience 
    • We did this one last year, it was amazing and fun.  Would be great to go back with all that we've learned and do it justice!
  • October 18 - Vulture Bait (25km/50km trail race) - sold out!
    • I did the 25km way back in 2009 after my first Ironman... wouldn't mind going back, if I can find a bib.  Who knows, maybe 50km?
  • October 18 - Hardwood Singletrack Challenge (25km/50km MTB)
  • October 25 - Horror Hill (25km / 6 hour trail race)
  • November 16 - Whitby 10 miler (ugh)
    • Don't do it.  Please.  Whatever thought you have in your head, just don't do it.  You know who organizes it, you know how bad it will be.  DON'T.  But so very close to home... 


Robin said...

Great ideas for events. I'll be at Horror Hill and there's Chase the Coyote which is a great event Sept 27.

Cupcaketrigirl/Sandy said...

are you not doing the 10-miler Sunday. I am, despite the fact I will likely get lost on the course.

Jon P said...

Ha good luck with that! :) My season kind of fizzled, haven't been running all that much.