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Friday, May 23, 2014


Not me, but another victim of over-training!

My last few workouts have felt pretty lousy.

Wednesday I went for a ride, and felt really fatigued.  Legs were sore on every big effort, heart rate wouldn't come up like it normally should.  My average pace was fine, but something wasn't clicking. 

These can be the early warning signs of "over-training".  Last week especially, I did over 10 hours of workouts coming off of a 25km trail race the weekend prior that really bagged me... and some non-training efforts, like landscaping, that I don't count but definitely did not help matters.

As much as it kills me, I took a couple of days off just to recharge. 

Tomorrow I will do a short run and swim to get back my legs, and hopefully I feel good again for my long ride on Sunday!

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