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Monday, December 23, 2013

Fake Bike Trip - Progress Report #1

My fake bike trip from Toronto to Edmonton started yesterday with me leaving Whitby. 

I biked 30km (on the stationary trainer) which took me from Whitby to Greenbank, Ontario. 

Greenbank is best known for being one of the many little places you have to slow down to 50km/h along Highway 7/12, or you might get a massive ticket. 

On the way I fake passed through Brooklyn, a nice little town that's now part of Whitby.  Also through Myrtle Station, which once was home to a train station way back in the day... trains still run through it, but I don't think the station itself is still standing.

30km down, 3339km to go.

Next up: Beaverton, ON. 

1 comment:

Double Bellybuster said...

I hope you met me at my local watering hole, The Belvedere Saloon, for a fake beer on your way through Pefferlaw.