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Monday, February 11, 2013

Running At Disney World

We went to Disney recently, and beforehand I did my research into where I could run 32km.

Most of the routes suggested were way too short... and then I got there and figured out why!  No sidewalks on many of the major routes, certainly not connecting any of the parts I was in.

This is the run I ended up doing.  What I learned - most of the big roads don't have sidewalks and you can't get out of the hotels to get near the parks.  Goofy (so to speak).

A few places of note, though, if you are out for a shorter run:

Beuna Vista Golf Course (approx 6km)

Most of the golf course trails you can't run on, but there is a nice little train that is open to non-golfers that follows this river/creek thing.  

If you don't mind taking a bit of a shortcut through the "cast members only" bridge, you can also run through these treehouse resort thingies.  Very neat.

Team Disney (short)

Ok it's not that long, but if you happen to be running by the Downtown Disney area, Team Disney has a neat little pond-type-thing you can run around.  Quiet and away from the tourists (yours truly excluded of course!).

Downtown Disney

It's nice, but when I ran through there it was early (9am) and it was still overrun with idiot tourists walking 4 and 5 abreast.  It's more for gawkers and walkers than running, but it's nice, so... try it at your peril.

Bottom Line

It's a crappy place to run.  Good luck.


John C said...

Love garmin connect.

I went NEXT and found this training session:

Trying to figure this out -- all i can see is for 30 minutes you had your heartrate increasing in the aerobic zone.

Was this a really long Disney ride?

Jon P said...

Ha that was my Concept 2 rower when we got back! :)