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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race Preview: 5 Peaks Durham Forest (Enduro)

Race website

This is a trail race through beautiful Durham Forest.  See my revised map from the race site with some notes...

The good news: I know the forest very well... I've biked hours and hours in there.

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The bad news:  I know the forest very well... and I know what we're in for!  They've included a lot of single track, which is pretty hilly stuff... especially in the first 1/3 or so of the race.  I mean really, could they not have skipped "Wall of Pain"? Or "Lunatic Way"???  It's got Lunatic in the friggin' name!  This is going to be a toughie.  And they've increased the distance from 12km to almost 15km, so this will be a pretty big challenge for me with my current mileage.

The goal: finish with a smile on my face.  Keep well within myself for the first 1/2, and hopefully have something left in the second 1/2.  Get some trail racing under my belt before the Moraine Relay.  And smile!


Double Bellybuster said...

Go kill it dude. Even with low recent mileage, a strong 15K will be there race day based on tons of experience.

Jon P said...

Thanks Mr Bellybuster! :) I've been feeling stronger on the bike and a few good runs, so it might be coming around in time to do something decent on Saturday!