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Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 Goals: The Year of Off-Road Multisport

I'm finally over my injury so I can look forward to the 2012 season at last!

First, I have to lament my 2011 short-comings...

2011 Goals

2011 Goal #1: Weight into the 160's.  I reached it - briefly - but I'm in the low 180's right now, thanks to injury time on the bench and a general lack of commitment to getting to race weight.

2011 Goal #2:  Sub-20 5k.  So close it hurts.  20:05.  I trained hard for this, did those painful and crappy intervals, and came up 1 second per kilometer short!  Painful.  I don't want to look back and know that I was that close but never got there.

2011 Goal #3: Not suck at cyclocross.  Achieved!  I did another cyclocross race and did some pretty slick dismounts and mounts.  My power is way up over the short distance stuff.  Still a bit of work to do, but I'm way better than 2010.

2012 Goals

The first two are re-runs.

#1: Weight into the 160's!
#2: Sub-20 5k!

#3 is new - I want to rock out some off-road races.  I'm doing an off-road triathlon, the Moraine Adventure Relay (we have a great team!) and Logs Rocks and Steel Adventure Race.  I really want to do well, I think we have the pieces and should be able to put it all together for some really strong results!  I really want to see us be podium or better at the Moraine race and be in the top 20% of Logs Rocks & Steel.


Tiffiny Felix said...

I want to wish you a "You can do it!" for your 2012 goals. And to tell you that this blog is one of the reasons I decided I would give running a try :) Not only did it not kill me, but I discovered that I actually like it. Pure craziness. Thanks!

Jon P said...

That's awesome, good luck! :)

Double Bellybuster said...

Coach - please just let me know once you know my assignment for the Moraine Relay. I'll be sure to run the route for the leg in advance so I know how to pace myself...and not get lost.

Looking forward to it.

Boris T said...

Good luck with the 2012 goals!