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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Race Preview: Sporting Life 10k 2011

The Race

Sporting Life 10K in downtown Toronto.

15,000 runners roaring down (yes, DOWN) Yonge street right through the heart of the city, ending at Fort York.  It's 10km and it's fast!  A bit pricey for a 10km but nice shirt, medal, and well organized. 

... and of course there's the thrill of having 14,000 runners chasing you down...

The Goal

Sub-42:00 (4:12/km pace).

I have no idea how reasonable this is, but it's the 10k goal I set at the start of the year and if I'm ever going to do it, it'll be on this super fast course!

I last did this one in 2009... that time I was barely sub-45:00, and it hurt like hell.  A couple of years of improvement and I should have a lot more in me this time.

A couple of pacing gotchas at this race:
  • First half is downhill, second half mostly isn't - you start out at faster than goal pace, but how much faster?  Too fast and you pay in the 2nd half (like I did in 2009!), too slow and you give away some of that free speed.
  • Tall downtown buildings screw up GPS - to be safe you really need to rely on kilometer markers and feel.  I am OK with my tempo and 5k feel, but I don't do 10km races often and don't have a good sense of what it should feel like.
Anyway, should be fun!  See you at the bottom.

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