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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things Seen on Today's Ride

Hit the cyclocross bike and went out on a ride.
  • Snow... stupid weatherman said "sunny" and +6C
  • Forest... fallen leaves, so nice
  • Sand, gravel, rocks, mud... which my cross bike hammered through no problem
  • Swamp... which I got stuck in and put my foot down into, yuck!
  • Live Action Role Playing... where do I start with this one? People dressed up as fantasy characters running through the woods waving their swords. I only know it was called "Live Action Role Playing" because they had a sign indicating that "Live Action Role Playing" was in progress and to keep out (which we of course rode right past, at our peril!)
Did I mention I love my cyclocross bike? I love my cyclocross bike. It can go everywhere, and it's fast and awesome. I love it.

The End!


Boris T said...

I think I got the gist of your message, you love your new bike.

jamesd said...

I enjoy exercising to very nice