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Friday, December 11, 2009

End of Year Rest and Relaxation

'Tis the season to take a break...

Ironman wiped me out a bit more mentally than I think I realized. The post-Ironman high kept me going through October, but I think a few weeks of R&R were overdue!

So for the last few weeks I've cut back significantly. A couple of runs a week, some mountain biking, the odd indoor trainer session (Spinervals!), and a swim here and there. No schedule, just doing what I feel like for as long as I feel like as fast/slow as I feel like.

It's all very liberating... much different than the training "workout" mentality!

I've also been taking the opportunity to bring my weight down, controlling calories to drop a few pounds. I was getting into the high 180's after Ironman, I've managed to get that down to the low 180's with the intention of getting to the 160's for the race season (specifically for the fall marathon!). No magic, just keeping my calories in to about 2000/day and keeping active.

2010 is coming, though... it's time to awaken from this slumber and get back at it!


I'm going to do the Peterborough 1/2 marathon again at the end of February. That means I need to start training... hmm... last week. OK maybe next week! It's a B or C race at best, so I just want to make sure I'm doing 20+km long runs before then. I'm hacking together a plan for that now.


My 5th Paris to Ancaster! I can't believe it's been 5 years since I first got my ass handed to me by this race... but I'll be back for more in April.

Until I can get back outdoors (probably in March) I'll be using Spinerval DVDs and doing a lot of intensity, intervals, just anything that can help with this rather unique race (see last year's race report for the gory details!). On-road, off-road, drafting, mud, wind, a killer climb, it has everything. Good way to get a well-rounded start to the season!


My first triathlon won't be until late July this year... a bit disappointing, but something had to give. I just have too much going on, including a long relay adventure race in June. I'll be trying to improve my swim over the winter, though, focus is still on technique.

2010 - here I come!

I'm ready to rock!!! There's a lot to be said for some time off, even if it drove me a little stir crazy at times.

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