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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Preview: Peterborough Half Iron Swim/Bike

Swim: 2000m
Bike: 90k
Run: None!

I want the opportunity to race, and especially get my confidence back on the bike after my trouble at the Muskoka Tri.

But I don't want to have to recover from an entire half Iron distance race, especially the beating my legs would take over the marathon distance. That could impact my training for weeks after.

Solution: Swim/Bike

This option is nice for people like myself who need long race experience but can't afford the recovery time. Ironman Canada is less than two months away. A long swim and 90k bike will hit the spot!

I don't know a lot about this race yet, other than it can be very hot and sunny, but seeing as I'm not doing the run that doesn't concern me all that much.


  • Comfortable swim, hoping to get closer to the 45-50 minute range for the 2000m, which is where my pool pace suggests I should be
  • Strong on the bike, leave nothing out there. I would like to see 30km/h but I honestly don't know enough about the course to know if this is reasonable
It's going to be a bit weird not crossing a finish line... you basically finish the bike and stop. I might bring my run stuff and go for an unofficial off-course run anyway, make a brick out of it and get the extra transition experience.

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