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Friday, May 8, 2009

Preview: Zoot Open Water Swim (4000m)

I haven't done this swim before but stumbled on it and thought it would be a great experience.


There is a choice between a 2K or 4K swim, either 2 or 4 1000m laps. The water is around 5 feet deep throughout, so it should be warm even early in the season (and in Ontario, this is early!).

Near my house, $20, why not? The Ironman swim is 3800m, this gives me the chance to try that distance out in the open water before the actual event without having to bike or run after.

My only hesitation was last year's results - I would be last place by at least 10-15 minutes! But in 2007 there were some people more my speed, hopefully some of them show up. :)

Recent Swim Progress

I did a 2000 yard swim the other day (40 laps of a 25 yard pool) in 45:00. It's not lightening pace, but it's around where I thought I was, so I'm happy with it. Best of all I felt really great at the end, not at all winded. I'm also not getting the full advantage off the walls, mostly because I was trying to hit or read my lap counter watch thing! That cost me time.

I'm going to do a bit more work on swim endurance rather than just drills over the next few months, hopefully I can get that down a bit further. But I honestly don't see even 10 minutes here or there as a big deal considering I'll be spending around 7 hours on the bike at Ironman. Get through the swim, then bike efficiently and run with whatever I have left! :)

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Shazam said...

Do the swim just to get the experience and don't worry about where you place - that is my advice. Swimming in Open water is a different experience so the more opportunities you get to do it and be comfortable the better. 45 min Hah that is blazing me I am a solid 49 min - 2km swim. I will make my time on the bike and run - as I always do. I just try and survive the swim so I can get to the bike and catch them all. Again do the swim - get the experience.