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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tri Swimming in Flannel Pajamas

So my swim instructor tell us last week:

"Wear pajamas over your swimsuit next week, the flannel kind!"

I borrowed the manliest looking flannel PJs I could from my wife (at least they were blue!) and headed to the pool...

Coach says "get in the pool!"... and he was serious! So all of us tri geeks in our flannel PJs jump in the pool (after a quick photo op).

It was ridiculously tough... they soak up so much water, it was hard to stay afloat, and the drag made doing 100m a real chore!

After about 10 minutes he let us take off the bottoms (with swimsuits on underneath, of course). Even with just the tops it was no picnic, but at least the legs stayed up a little better!

Oh, and then they turned on the waterslide for us, and all us tri geeks in the fancy TYR/Speedo suits and goggles trudged up the stairs to take their turns on the slide...

Weirdest swim practice I've been to so far... not sure how he'll top it next session!

My instructor's blog entry about it, with picture!

1 comment:

Boris T said...

I've heard of pajama parties and pool parties, I just never though someone would try and combine them both.

Sounds like an interesting swim training, something I don't think they'd appreciate at my local community pool.