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Friday, October 21, 2016

Weight Loss - 2016 edition

Gained weight, again.  This summer was really bad - lots of beer, blue jays, and just a general lack of willpower.

I blame the craft beer industry.  Good lord there is a lot of delicious beer to try.

But summer is over, vacations are over, and it's time to get serious.  Especially when I saw 209 on the schedule.


Holy crap.

My BMI "overweight" point is 185lbs, and I feel most at home in the low 180's, so that's where I need to be.  But I want more, I want to do well at my races and be light and nimble... so 175lbs is the goal.


That's about 30 pounds... daunting.

The plan is the same plan I've used with success before.

  • Drink less - and not at home.  Even the odd beer/glass of wine at home seems to lead to me over-eating, so I'm cutting it out.  When I'm out with friends I'll still hoist a pint, but that's it
  • Intermittent Fasting - I slipped... it's not hard to stick to, but in the summer I almost entirely abandoned it.  I'm back to it now, and it feels good again
  • Caloric Restriction - 2000-2400/day
  • Exercise - 6-8 hours / week
  • Target loss: 1-2lbs/week
  • Weekly check-in
Starting Point: 209lbs
Today: 202lbs (-7lbs)
To Go: 22lbs

I'll talk about the after loss plan at some point, because I think that's key.  I had a few years of real success keeping it off, but it's clearly gone off the rails so I need a reboot on that.

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